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Take your love for quality foods beyond the walls of Marché Artisans! Packed with over 1,800 fine local and international products, our grocery section has all you need to make your meals shine and delight your taste buds. Browse our shelves and discover a vast selection including:

  • Local and imported chocolates and sweet treats like Le Roy René’s calissons.
  • Artisanal juices and beverages including O de V, Cidrerie Michel Jodoin, Fous de l’Île, Henri Sodas, Bull’s Head, Nectars Patrick Font and more.
  • Dairy, including Riviera’s locally-sourced products.
  • Sweet and salty condiments, local and international quality brands such as Andrea Jourdan, Maison Brémont 1608, Muraglia, Hacienda Guzman, À L’Olivier, Verger du Clocher, Nectar de Fleurs, Méchant Mix, and more.
  • Kitchen gifts and accessories by Groshe, Kinto, Port Style, MyDrap, Be Home and Epicurean.
  • Mixology tools and ingredients, such as the NAD brand, as developed by our director of mixology Nader Chabaane.
  • Tea and herbal tea section filled with local and international brands including Lot35, Damman et frères, L’Infuseur, and more.
  • Coffees from local Montreal roasters like Kittel, Toi Moi et Café and Touché.
  • Fresh flowers and bouquets, custom orders also available, from florist Charlotte Lefebvre.
  • Homemade ice creams, pastries and entremets in various flavours and for all budgets. Made by Chef Jean-Marc Guillot’s brigade.

Marché Artisans is also composed of several gourmet counters where you can sit and enjoy a meal made with love by our specialists or from which you can take home meats, cheeses, fishes, and more, and let your inspiration lead you! They include:

  • Artisanal bakery offering a selection of organic products made with local and sustainable flours.
  • Fresh fish counter, with oysters, caviar, salmon 3-way, lobster tank and more.
  • Meat counter: beef, duck, lamb, pork, chicken, poultry and sausage. All our meats are certified local and issued from responsible farming.
  • Rotisserie: Roasted grain-fed chicken, vegetables and meats from the butcher’s block.
  • Ready-to-heat: For a reception or simply when you don’t feel like cooking: a large variety of meals and sides prepared by the Marché’s brigade.
  • Charcuterie and cheese counter: over 80 varieties, from which more than 75% is locally sourced.
  • Beer and wine (must accompany a meal).