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Chef Jean-Marc Guillot Meilleur Ouvrier de France maître Glacier et Chef patissier dans sa cuisine au Marché Artisans à Montréal

Jean-Marc Guillot - Meilleur Ouvrier de France

Head Pastry Chef

Jean-Marc Guillot is into research. The master chef takes to his lab to concoct, sample, and approve, trying something different every day!

Born in France to a father who was a delicatessen butcher; Jean-Marc grew up around foodies. From an early age, he discovered a passion for pastry making, a career that comes with its fair share of challenges. "It takes a long time to really pare down a taste, " he explains, "and lots of mastery to come up with a ganache that will stand the test of time." Consider him a fan of Marché Artisans' boutique side. "I love making pastries to go, artisanal ice cream, desserts, and mouth-watering chocolates," he says. You can even come to see the artists at work in their lab!